JACQUIE Capstick

Jacquie Capstick


My name is Jacquie Capstick. They say the darkest nights produce the brightest stars – but sometimes, after a traumatic event or the loss of a loved one, you’re not solely dealing with a dark night. You’re fighting through fog while suffocating from cold air. You’re losing your mind as noises in the wind lurk around you. You’re trying to find your way home, but are lost in an endless tunnel with no light in sight. After my loss…this was my night…night after night. With little hope and lots of confusion, I had no idea how or even where to start to navigate. I just knew I was dying inside and I had to find a way to survive with the limited energy I had left. Accordingly, after thousands of hours of studying and indulging in natural healing modalities that are not usually in the mainstream, I noticed the sun to begin to rise up. The fog was starting to clear and the temperature was starting to warm up. Serenity was starting to elevate and the light at the end of the tunnel was presenting itself. Natural healing modalities saved my life and now I want to help you save yours.



My Gift To You…

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During this unusual time, I’m offering FREE COACHING to anyone who needs clarity, wishes to transform their life, or just seeking someone to talk to. To sign-up for the 15 Minute Complimentary Coaching Session, email me at: TheNaturalHealingReel@Gmail.com

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