Dream. Practice. Imagine your Best Life Now!


Your life is an illusion as long as you can see it from above, and not get emotionally pulled in!

Those raw emotions when we go through trauma, we narrow our attention as we anticipate our future based on the past!

If you are matter trying to change matter, meaning you’re trying to fix the problem in the same energy space that it was created, you are not going to get to where you are going! As you can’t change anything from the place it was created, you are wasting your time.

If you are looking at what’s wrong, then know you are in a lower energy pattern. This will bring more of what’s wrong. Ask yourself to find the light in the one you’re judging – as this is the only way out of what could be a spiral back in the past of what is a familiar pattern. We have to envision who, what ,and where we want to create – in the present, and future moments. This brings us back into alignment.

Crossing in the river of change as Dr. Joe puts it, will feel uncomfortable as to create something new, you have to walk in a path you haven’t yet travelled. But it’s all about your perspective. Everyone sees it through the eyes of their past journey. So knowing this, you know that even though you think you’re experiencing the same thing, you’re not!! This understanding would be very helpful in relationship disagreements.

So tell the person what you are expecting from them and don’t assume they know!!

Or lower you’re expectations, then you aren’t disappointed. Either way the point of your power is to DECIDE for yourself what is it that feels right to you. I know you will have to build this up like a muscle. So just remember that when you find Yourself back where you started!! a few times.

Learning to praise ourselves when we cross another thing off the list.

This is the daily work…

Creating new patterns that give us the future we are dreaming of.