What is The Story You Believe About Yourself?

What is your story that you believe about yourself? Stories that you tell to yourself and to others.

Ask yourself this question often. 

The thoughts and feelings that create images of what happened to you can be the gateway to finally breaking through your own dramas – which continuously previewing as negative, fearful, and or hateful mind movies in your life.

Being a victim in our own story we share is our choice. This awareness is the place of our power – to tell whatever story we want to experience.

It’s all about perception and writing a new script. Understanding that just because you are thinking about something ddoesn’t make it true! Check in and ask ??

If you have the opportunity to upgrade your own life, which we do have, this is how you do it. It’s worth the intention and follow through. 

We are wired to be great. When we don’t feel great about our story in our head about our life, we are not stepping into our greatness! 

We are here to remember that. We need to connect to our heart and soul and others’ heart and soul to uplift each other.

This higher vibration of energy we emit is healing to your body and the world.

We need to focus on being aware of this. It will be so much better than the negative energies of being in our patterns of the past – which sometimes generations of negative stories.

Awareness is the only way to shift, and being determined to make the decision to be committed to being awake enough, to tell our new future story of what we deserve. 

We have free will, and the power to choose! What will you choose?