Transforming Lives with Natural Healing Modalities

Awaken your soul, uncover purpose, and find your inner peace and love within – as Jacquie supports you on your journey of overcoming life’s struggles, improving your overall well-being, and gaining focus and clarity.  Applying ancient, scientific based, natural healing modalities, Jacquie has created the tools, resources, coaching program, blog, and a podcast of stories from around the world to help you heal naturally.

Experience an Alternative Way of Healing

Backed by science and proven to benefit you physically, mentally, and emotionally – Jacquie brings you natural healing methods to transform your life and help you overcome life’s struggles.  From a blog and a podcast with worldwide guests – to one on one and group coaching, Jacquie has something for everyone seeking to transform their life. After witnessing and experiencing the physical, emotional, and mental shifts that arise when you leverage natural modalities, Jacquie has made it her goal to make these more available for an option – when the medical system isn’t enough for the healing of your whole body’s health

Work With Jacquie

Natural Healing Podcast
Awaken your soul, as guests from all around the world, share stories of their natural modalities for physical, mental, and emotional healing.
Natural Healing Coaching
Naturally heal your mind, body, and soul, as Jacquie guides you through life’s struggles – helping you find inner peace, love, and purpose within – improving your overall well-being.
Natural Healing Store

Coming Soon!
Tools, resources, and merchandise for natural healing.

Natural Healing

What Our Listeners & Clients Have to Say

So beautiful. Inside and out.

-Tracey K.

Jacqueline…understands that trauma affects the brain and body deeply. Her podcast interviews explore science-backed healing modalities. Jacqueline is a breath of fresh air. I had a wonderful time chatting with her on her podcast.


Beautiful story of love, transformation and healing. Thank you for sharing Kennedy’s and your amazing and courageous story.