Brain and Heart Coherence

Natural Healing

So simple, yet so powerful! With it, you’ll gain strength in your learning abilities and elevate your intuition. That’s why I’m ecstatic to share these proven brain heart coherence methods as shared by Gregg Braden and others.

“Superior learning & deep intuition are benefits you’ll acquire, as you learn how to access “Gamma” state. It’s commonly understood that we all possess different types of brain waves that have been identified as Alpha, Theta & Beta. However, recent research has uncovered a new brain state called “Gamma”. We’ve learned from the Monks of Tibet, who practice meditation methods that enables them to tap into the state of Gamma…and while in it, and on command, they are
able to regulate their thoughts and feelings. The monks focus their intentions on instantaneous healing, that results in the ability to control their immune system & regulate the temperature of their bodies. The ability to control their bodies’ reactions while under a Gamma state, allows the Monk’s to inhibit aging, and encounter deeper intuition.

Achieving this, requires practise in self control, which results in the heart harmonizing with the brain. Healthy heart and brain coherence also causes a rise to your consciousness leading to a clearer awareness of yourself & your surroundings. In Gamma, a newfound clarity gushes forth, providing clear recollection of every detail you’ve experienced in life. This provides one, a true sense of self, bringing forth a calmness & sudden relaxation to life.


This “newfound” ability, creates awareness to these memories, that your subconscious elected to store. With these sudden realizations, your body releases a flow of Cortisol (a steroid hormone), triggering instant feelings of relief.

When experiencing emotions of anger, hatred and/or jealousy, we unintentionally broadcast a chaotic signal that disrupts our heart to brain coherence. On the other hand, when we experience feelings of gratitude and/or appreciation, our heart
and brain connection flows freely, emitting a powerful, energetic signal. Basically, you remove the “rough” or “jagged” sensations transmitted with anger, which normally steers us towards thoughts of “fight” or “flight”. By learning at will to shift our brain state, our bodies’ broadcast an energetic signal…this in turn, gifts us control of the environment we desire, in our quest to not only achieve, but also maintain, everlasting health.

The first step in activating heart & brain coherence, is to simply shift awareness from our brain, and pour all focus into your heart. To connect with this, gently place your hand over your heart…then focus on sending your inward breaths directly to your heart. Slowly, and to a count of 5 breath inward, and then
out for 5. That simple touch, combined with your awareness of breath, will provide a clear & constant focus on your heart. Doing this will allow mind and body, the ability to truly feel, the “art” to attaining true heart & brain coherence.


The second step is to breath in for 5, and out for 5…now picture & feel your heart opening like a flower on a clear, sunny day. Place your thoughts on feelings of extreme calm and embrace the inner peace that it brings. If you’re able take things further by welcoming thoughts and feelings of appreciation, gratitude
& compassion. In practising this, a smile should instantly appear on your face, as you experience a most powerful heart to brain connection.

Research has shown, that performing these exercises for 3 minutes a day, will provide your body with an incredible boost. This will aid your immune system to perform its job of maintaining perfect health. What a “simple”, yet incredible
tool this is to wake up & restore, our own bodies’ natural healing ability…It’s all right here, right inside of you.
“Don’t make excuses, it’s simply 3 minutes a day;
It’s said to be true, why would you delay?!”
Sent with love, Jacquie �� – the Natural Healing Reel