Story of Hope, Recovery, and Transformation: Fighting against Suicidal Thoughts | Ulrika Karlsson

The Natural Healing Reel Episode

On today’s episode of “The Natural Healing Reel” our guest is someone who has battled depression to the point of contemplating suicide. She’s a perceptive empath who reached a critical crossroad in life, having to decide between life or death. We’re happy that she opted for life and we’re ecstatic to welcome Ulrika Karlson to the show. Ulrika tells all about her paths in life and shares her internalized wisdom that she picked up along the way. Through her endeavors as a Spiritual coach, global writer, Akashic record interpreter & Yoga tutor/practitioner, Ulrika has traversed the world and collaborated with people from all walks of life.

In this episode, Ulrika tells of her journey and delves into topics of psychological wounds, awareness (at both conscious and subconscious levels), sanctified essence of the soul, ego, and transformation. Further, Ulrika explains the links between transformation within the concealed side of ourselves and the accessibility of consciousness. As a therapist and healer, she strongly emphasizes the significance of adequately nurturing our physical bodies, which serves as the conduit for the soul.

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