Your Guide to Overcoming Heartache and Challenges During the Divorce Process | Paulette Rigo

The Natural Healing Reel Episode

Our guest today on “The Natural Healing Reel” is Paulette Rigo. She’s a Credentialed Mediator and Certified Divorce Coach. Paulette specializes in coaching women to deal with heightened situations of conflict, domestic violence, parental alienation, estrangement and narcissistic divorce cases. She shares her wisdom and expertise to educate and encourage women who are in the divorce process and thrive amidst heartache and challenges.

In this episode, she explains the steps involved during the divorce process. As a coach, she clarifies how our choices and deeds impact the whole process. Paulette also shares her ideas on how to take action during this stressful time.

In watching this episode of “The Natural Healing Reel”, you’re sure to gain new insights and find inspiration that you can hopefully apply to your life. Please enjoy this episode and be sure to hit like, share, and subscribe today.