Importance of Self-Improvement – Effective Tips to Master Self Control | Ollie Matthews

The Natural Healing Reel Episode

Our guest today on “The Natural Healing Reel” is Ollie Matthews. Ollie’s a functional doctor of medicine and a nutritionist. He’s also a health coach focusing on high achievers that are on the brink of suffering from burn out.

In this episode, Ollie shares how he discovered his passion and mission in life. He also explains how he regained his confidence by identifying the importance of fitness – both physically and mentally. Additionally, Ollie provides three effective techniques to be our best selves and how to take control to achieve what we desire.

Watching “The Natural Healing Reel” will awaken new insights in you and add inspiration to your life. Please enjoy this episode with Jacquie and Ollie Matthews and remember to hit like, share, and subscribe today.