Conquer Negative Emotions: Tools to Counter the Manipulation of the Human Mind | Samuel Andrews

The Natural Healing Reel Episode

Today on “The Natural Healing Reel” Jacquie’s guest is Samuel Andrews. Samuel is an avid traveler who believes in the transformative power to using positive language. He’s an author and songwriter and his latest publication is titled “God Loves Ugly–How the words we use can shape our lives.” The book focuses on the enormous impact that our words have on our daily lives.

During this episode, we discuss the many different types of emotions that we all encounter – specifically anger and fear. We also explore the depths of our subconscious and unconscious minds, and how the importance of maintaining a positive mindset relates. Samuel believes that personal healing can be attained through one specific approach, which he reveals in this episode.

Please enjoy todays podcast of “The Natural Healing Reel,” with Jacquie and Samuel Andrews. As you watch, keep an open frame of mind and I’m positive you’ll gain some fresh perspectives and possibly add a little extra motivation to your life! You can show your support by hitting like, share and subscribe today!